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Euro Puppy USA!

January 30, 2008
European Quality meets American Customer Service.
These days there are so many people trying to find the best quality, purebred puppies. Either they are conscientious breeders or simply dog lovers wanting to expand their family with a fury friend. With so many people offering puppies these days as well, it is often hard to distinguish what is quality and what isn’t. We have found a company in the US, who seem to be the one to turn to when looking for the healthiest puppies for sale. The company, called Euro Puppy USA, specializes in offering purebred, champion-line puppies and dogs to customers out of the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Miami, the Director of Euro Puppy USA, Mr. MarioTabraue believes that: “At Euro Puppy USA, European quality meets American Service and trust. The needs of our dog-lovers and breeders are of the utmost importance to us.” Euro Puppy USA offers Champion-line, pedigreed puppies, young adults and titled champions as well. Whether one is looking for imported European puppies to refresh an existing breeding stock, or just looking at having a new puppy, they offer trustworthy service. Working in partnership with Euro Puppy USA, the sister- company situated in the heart of Europe, Euro Puppy USA has built a trustworthy network of European dog breeders that look out for the health and pedigree of all the breeds. The company has over 150 breeds to chose from! The palette is very colorful! From tiny Yorkies and Havanese dogs to Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiliers and Neapolitan Mastiffs, it seems every dog-lover can find his or her favourite breed! No wonder their slogan is: ” We are building families”.

Prevention is better than Cure!

January 25, 2008

Hoof Rot -Ever heard this statement? Of course you have, and the sole reason is because is it TRUE…here are some tips on how to do this for hoof rot. If you have a designated grooming kit for your horse, the most important tool in there would be your hoof pick. This is to be used before as well as after riding.  Hoof rot can occur in “any” horse, whether they are kept in stalls, confined areas or put out to pasture. If your horse is in pasture, the hoof will need cleaning periodically. Like our nails, horses hooves grow continuously, therefore need to be trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep them tidy. It will definately help in preventing hoof rot.  Shoeing is also a very important part.  Some horses have softer hooves than others and you will need to consult your farrier to ensure your horse is shod correctly. Take general care of your horse and hoof rot will be the least of your worries!

Benzylkonium Chloride

January 24, 2008

Here is an interesting fact about our Equine Gel. The 99.9% efficiency rate comes from an active ingredient called “benzylkonium chloride”. Relief Equine Gel proudly holds this same solution suspended in skin softeners and conditioners, which is a proprietary registered FDA formula created for the medical industry! Accelerated healing is as a result from keeping the wound bacteria and infection free by using Equine Gel. This means the body does not use wasted energy fighting off infection, but instead uses the same energy to repair damaged tissue. Unlike iodine and alcohol products which will dry the skin with extended use, Relief Equine Gel contains skin conditioners that are ph balanced to maintain correct skin moisture. A logical solution icon_smile1.gif


January 23, 2008

Dermatitis is also a term used to describe staph infections. There are many descriptions used for this disease, however it is merely a group of bacteria found on the skin. Staph infections can come from numerous sources, namely fleas, inhalant allergy and even food. Depending on what type of tick dip or repellent you use, it can have a chemical in it which irriates the skin resulting in staph infections. As lesions are quite typical it is not usually necessary to have it confirmed by performing a skin biopsy, however this is also an option. As you can see, staph infections can come from numerous sources, therefore have due diligence in your research of finding the best solution out there!

Light-hearted words of wisdom

January 22, 2008


Don’t let dog hair loss be your boss

For if it were, you could call it Ross

If Ross does not answer to dog hair loss

Maybe you should try Doss

Dog hair loss called Ross

Dog hair loss called Doss

I think not, for there is no loss

With Canine Relief as your boss!


White Line Antimicrobial

January 21, 2008

21_4.jpgWhite Line Antimicrobial is used for white line disease. It is highly effective against hoof and nail infections which are caused by fungus and bacteria resulting in white line disease.

The great thing about Equine Relief Antimicrobials is that it does not damage or irritate healthy tissue whilst treating white line disease.

It is safe to apply with your hands, is non-toxic and non staining. In addition to that it is most easy to use. The complete irradication of white line disease requires the hoof to grow out , therefore daily application of this type antimicrobial will keep the hoof fungus free during this process of white line disease healing.

Correct Diagnosis IS Important

January 19, 2008

Dog Rash.  Is it possible to misdiagnose?  Of course it is.  Let me tell you a story about Butch’s dog rash episode.  He developed a rash all over his body.  So naturally I took him to the vet.  Shockingly the vet did not know what was wrong with Butch.  As the skin looked like boils and were bleeding, my vet thought it might be mange instead of simply diagnosing him with dog rash.  He then treated Butch with antibiotics, only to find me back at his practice a couple of days later with the rash even worse (to my despair!)  So I  took things  into my own hands and simply bathed Butch in antimicrobial shampoo my friend gave me to try.  It turns out, all it ever was, was simply, dog rash.  I’m not suggesting ignore professional opinion, only to be open minded enough to realise that even a simple thing like dog rash needs a correct diagnosis and there are more options out there than you think.  Be assertive!

Poem – Hoof Rot

January 16, 2008

Mexican Hat has hoof rot,

For if not hoof rot, than what?poem.jpg

The hoof wall separates horny tissue,

Hoof rot is then surely an issue?

Characterized by a fowl smell,

Do justice to treat hoof rot well!

99% Efficiency Rate

January 15, 2008

Are you impressed?  I sure am! Our antimicrobials are very different to when it comes to treating dog skin infections .  Probably the most important reason why, is that it has a proven 99% efficiency rate.  Dog skin infections can be treated by remedies such as tea tree oil and triclosan, but this only offers a 16.4% efficiency rate!  Although dog skin infections seem common, they are not always easily treated.  When treating dog skin infections, our antimicrobials are specifically designed to deeply penetrate into the layers of the skin to help the wound heal from the inside out.  This is most important as dog skin infections need to heal this way naturally.  Just as nature intended.

Fillie Scarlet and Proud Flesh Wounds

January 14, 2008

She was the most beautiful fillie I had ever worked with, apart from the proud flesh wounds she endured.  One day there was a storm collecting in the heavens and Scarlett became uncontrollable.  As she attempted to jump the fence, over she went into a newly broken tree stump.  The proud flesh wounds she then showed off was as a result of a piece of wood which went straight through her shoulder to the other side…my heart went out to her, but she was very brave nontheless!  The veterinarian came out to doctor the proud flesh wounds she had acquired, however nothing seemed to work fast enough in the healing process.  Depending on how deep proud flesh wounds are, is what will determine the degree of healing.  Just like most diseases, proud flesh wounds need to heal from the inside out and should always be treated this way!