White Line Disease – a professional opinion

White Line Disease and why a professional diagnosis is so important. We had a lady who’s horse was shod approx 2 weeks ago. She was in the process of finding a new farrier following the retirement of her current one. He said her horse had white line disease in three of the hooves. The only outer sign was a white line where the hoof wall ended. The hoof was not breaking off or anything of that nature as in the accompanying picture.


If it was white line disease the distinct line would have stayed, however after a week the horse was shod the line, what appeared to be “white line disease” was not a disease at all. Only where the farrier had trimmed the hoof too short which reached a bit of flesh point. White line disease is a serious illness and should be diagnosed by a veterinarian, not only by first opinion of the farrier. If not treated properly the horse will founder and a portion of the hoof will need to be cut away. This is not a pretty sight! If you are suspicious of your horse developing white line disease, always obtain a professional opinion.


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