Dog Dry Skin – Temperature Drop

Your dog suddenly develops a new behavior. He is doing one of three things or all of them together, scratching, biting or licking his fur. This would mean your pet has “dog dry skin“. If you take close enough notice to the time of year this is most likely to happen, it will be when the weather becomes cooler, during the autumn or winter months. If your pet suffers from dog dry skin, you would see some of the following symptoms ie: skin irritation, open sores on the body, loss of hair and your dog seems to be licking his face / feet more often than usual. Dog dry skin is a problem for many pets, however this does not have to be the case. Some of the things you can do to prevent dog dry skin is – do not bathe your dog too often and when you do, make sure you use dog shampoo. Brush your dog often to remove dead hair and use quality food and supplements. Dog dry skin can be treated most effectively with an animicrobial body wash as a preventative measure as well as a cure.


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