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Canine Medications

January 6, 2008

funny-joke.jpgHave you ever considered how we use the word “canine”?  Let’s see how it fits in with “canine medications” so we know what we’re talking about.  A dog is a kind of “canine”…not all dogs are “canines”!  So when we say “canine medications” , we are in fact saying “treatment for any kind of member of the canine family” right?  Examples of this same family are jackal, dingo, wolf, fox etc..on our site we use the term “dog” in describing “canine medications” , and this is simply a term for “domestic canine”.  Did you know that? A wolf is a type of canine and so is a dog, just of the home type.  Sooo..when you are looking for “canine medications” or canine medications, realise there is no difference..only the one you make! This was fun, thankyou 🙂