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Light-hearted words of wisdom

January 22, 2008


Don’t let dog hair loss be your boss

For if it were, you could call it Ross

If Ross does not answer to dog hair loss

Maybe you should try Doss

Dog hair loss called Ross

Dog hair loss called Doss

I think not, for there is no loss

With Canine Relief as your boss!



Dog Hair Loss

January 8, 2008

Dog Hair Loss is quite common as many of you dog owners will know.  It can be caused by anything from allergies, to an infestation of external parasites.  Did you know that what also causes dog hair loss is excessive self grooming? Yes..even your pet is allowed to have “issues” icon_smile.gif  You can diagnose the symptoms of this type of dog hair loss by noticing a bald sore on the wrist or hock joints. Dog hair loss  around the eyes of puppies is typically due to mite infection.  So you see, dog hair loss can become a problem from early on in your beloved pets life, your job is to do the best you can to look after your pet so dog hair loss does not become something to cure, but rather something to prevent.