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Common – Dog Skin Problems

February 26, 2008

Dog skin problems are the most common health issues in dogs. You will be interested to know that many dog skin problems that afflict humans, are actually counterpart in dogs. If you look at your dogs skin, this will be an important indicator to show the health state of your pet. Dog skin problems are grouped into catergories according to their cause eg: immune, infectious or flea. Although dog skin problems are usually due to a deficiency in the dogs immune system there may be other factors such as inherent abnormalities of the skin structure. If your dog skin problems persist you need to seek professional medical advice!


Dog Skin Problems

February 11, 2008

In the treatment of dog skin problems, benzalkonium chloride is present in antimicrobial solutions causing healing to be accelerated as a result of keeping the wound infection and bacteria free.  Skin antiseptics and wet wipes are some of the human pharmaceuticals in which this ingredient is used, however it has proven to be very effective within the animal industry, especially for dog skin problems.  Standard concentrates are manufactured between 50 – 80% and sold under trade names such as BC50 & BC80.  Treating dog skin problems with our antimicrobials will leave you with a 99.9% efficiency rate due to the presence of benzalkonium chloride.  The sum of ingredients used should always be read before using any treatment in respect of dog skin problems.

99% Efficiency Rate

January 15, 2008

Are you impressed?  I sure am! Our antimicrobials are very different to when it comes to treating dog skin infections .  Probably the most important reason why, is that it has a proven 99% efficiency rate.  Dog skin infections can be treated by remedies such as tea tree oil and triclosan, but this only offers a 16.4% efficiency rate!  Although dog skin infections seem common, they are not always easily treated.  When treating dog skin infections, our antimicrobials are specifically designed to deeply penetrate into the layers of the skin to help the wound heal from the inside out.  This is most important as dog skin infections need to heal this way naturally.  Just as nature intended.

Dog Skin Infections

January 5, 2008

A hot spot, itch sore and yeast infection all form part of dog skin infections.  Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between which one your pet may be suffering from, however they are all quite distinct.  As part of dog skin infections, hot spots are usually superficial bacteria on the skin.  As part of dog skin infections, itch sores are simply skin irritations and as part of dog skin infections, yeast infections are inflamed pimples with flakey edges.  So you see, dog skin infections is a pretty broad category, therefore if you really care about “mans best friend :-)”, educate yourself so you can be sure to do the right thing.