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Benzylkonium Chloride

January 24, 2008

Here is an interesting fact about our Equine Gel. The 99.9% efficiency rate comes from an active ingredient called “benzylkonium chloride”. Relief Equine Gel proudly holds this same solution suspended in skin softeners and conditioners, which is a proprietary registered FDA formula created for the medical industry! Accelerated healing is as a result from keeping the wound bacteria and infection free by using Equine Gel. This means the body does not use wasted energy fighting off infection, but instead uses the same energy to repair damaged tissue. Unlike iodine and alcohol products which will dry the skin with extended use, Relief Equine Gel contains skin conditioners that are ph balanced to maintain correct skin moisture. A logical solution icon_smile1.gif


Equine Gel

January 8, 2008

11_4_6_163.jpgEquine Gel can be used for various problems.  It can be used for stiff and aching joints from the inside or like our product of equine gel, it can be used for thrush.  Any one of these treatments would be pain-free which is very important in treating any horse ailment.  In using equicanine’s equine gel,  you will see results within hours.  Isn’t that amazing?  All you need to do is clean debris from your horses hoof and apply equine gel directly to the affected area.  Hoof crevices, the sole and frog can be applied with thrush equine gel for relief.