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Prevention is better than Cure!

January 25, 2008

Hoof Rot -Ever heard this statement? Of course you have, and the sole reason is because is it TRUE…here are some tips on how to do this for hoof rot. If you have a designated grooming kit for your horse, the most important tool in there would be your hoof pick. This is to be used before as well as after riding.  Hoof rot can occur in “any” horse, whether they are kept in stalls, confined areas or put out to pasture. If your horse is in pasture, the hoof will need cleaning periodically. Like our nails, horses hooves grow continuously, therefore need to be trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep them tidy. It will definately help in preventing hoof rot.  Shoeing is also a very important part.  Some horses have softer hooves than others and you will need to consult your farrier to ensure your horse is shod correctly. Take general care of your horse and hoof rot will be the least of your worries!


Poem – Hoof Rot

January 16, 2008

Mexican Hat has hoof rot,

For if not hoof rot, than what?poem.jpg

The hoof wall separates horny tissue,

Hoof rot is then surely an issue?

Characterized by a fowl smell,

Do justice to treat hoof rot well!

Hoof Rot

January 5, 2008

Have you ever smelt something and just gone …”my word, something is definately wrong here?”…Hoof rot has that same affect.  Thrush is a type of hoof rot as a more familiar term if you are involved in the equine business.  One of the earlier signs is the odour hoof rot gives off to the outside environment.  And of course this makes sense because hoof rot is nothing more than black necrotic (DEAD) tissue.  Caused by pathogens found in stable yards and pasture.  If you were smart, you would use preventative measures for hoof rot as well as the need for cures where necessary.