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Fillie Scarlet and Proud Flesh Wounds

January 14, 2008

She was the most beautiful fillie I had ever worked with, apart from the proud flesh wounds she endured.  One day there was a storm collecting in the heavens and Scarlett became uncontrollable.  As she attempted to jump the fence, over she went into a newly broken tree stump.  The proud flesh wounds she then showed off was as a result of a piece of wood which went straight through her shoulder to the other side…my heart went out to her, but she was very brave nontheless!  The veterinarian came out to doctor the proud flesh wounds she had acquired, however nothing seemed to work fast enough in the healing process.  Depending on how deep proud flesh wounds are, is what will determine the degree of healing.  Just like most diseases, proud flesh wounds need to heal from the inside out and should always be treated this way!


Proud Flesh Wounds

January 4, 2008

Proud Flesh Wounds

I know this looks a bit “gory”, but I am sure some of us horselovers have seen worse! Proud flesh wounds are probably the hardest to treat on a horse. You know, til recently there has never really been a cure for proud flesh wounds. Vets used to cut away excess tissue and wrap the wound up just hoping it will not grow back. Is “hope” a strategy? I think NOT! Proud flesh wounds are taken very seriously in equine industry to the extent where horses are just put down without even considering any type of treatment ie: racing or jumping fields. Don’t you think that’s sad? Although we try our best to put our pet in an environment where proud flesh wounds are minimised, you can’t make up rules for what happens 2% of the time (old teacher taught me that), so best thing to do is learn how to treat proud flesh wounds.