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Dog Skin Conditions – Pics

March 3, 2008

hot-spot.jpgDog Skin Conditions – Hot Spot

ringworm.jpgDog Skin Conditions – Ring Worm

staph-infection.jpgDog Skin Conditions – Staph Infection

mange1.jpgDog Skin Conditions – Mange


Dog Dry Skin – Prone to Sensivity

February 29, 2008

Dog dry skin has a low level of sebum and an inability to retain moisture. Usually the skin will feel tight and if cracked, shows a severe case if dehydration. In the case of dog dry skin this will escalate in winds and increase temperatures causing the skin to flake. When oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to the skin, it becomes dehydrated and dog dry skin will then have to be treated with a solution which is not only for topical care, but will addres the illness from the inside out. Along with a genetic condition, dog dry skin can be caused from an underactive thyroid.  All of the above will ultimately cause the skin to be sensitive and will require a nurturing approach when treating.

Dog Dry Skin – Temperature Drop

February 21, 2008

Your dog suddenly develops a new behavior. He is doing one of three things or all of them together, scratching, biting or licking his fur. This would mean your pet has “dog dry skin“. If you take close enough notice to the time of year this is most likely to happen, it will be when the weather becomes cooler, during the autumn or winter months. If your pet suffers from dog dry skin, you would see some of the following symptoms ie: skin irritation, open sores on the body, loss of hair and your dog seems to be licking his face / feet more often than usual. Dog dry skin is a problem for many pets, however this does not have to be the case. Some of the things you can do to prevent dog dry skin is – do not bathe your dog too often and when you do, make sure you use dog shampoo. Brush your dog often to remove dead hair and use quality food and supplements. Dog dry skin can be treated most effectively with an animicrobial body wash as a preventative measure as well as a cure.

Dog Skin Conditions

February 7, 2008

Atopic Dermatitis, Atopica, Dermatomyositis, Dermatology, Hot spots, Otitis externa, Mange and Bacterial diseases are few of the many dog skin conditions which a dog’s immune system can be vulnerable to. The key here is not to feel confused or overwhelmed by the high-philuted terms used to describe simple issues for dog skin conditions like dog dry skin, staph infection, skin irritation, ring worm etc…You do not have to be a veterinarian to help treat your pet for dog skin conditions. I am not saying play vet if your dog is seriously ill. However, it is like when a human being suffers from a cold. They do not see a doctor, but rather goes to the pharmacy and obtains in house treatment which they use to help themselves. It does not require a visit to their GP. This can also be done for dog skin conditions.

Dog Dry Skin

February 6, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue

Is it dog dry skin, or is it you

Causing Maxie, the dog to feel blue

Dog dry skin, he’s scratching away

Dog dry skin, he’s not feeling okay

Dog dry skin, is causing him to sway

I know, I know, I know what to do

Antimicrobial body wash will do…

Euro Puppy USA!

January 30, 2008
European Quality meets American Customer Service.
These days there are so many people trying to find the best quality, purebred puppies. Either they are conscientious breeders or simply dog lovers wanting to expand their family with a fury friend. With so many people offering puppies these days as well, it is often hard to distinguish what is quality and what isn’t. We have found a company in the US, who seem to be the one to turn to when looking for the healthiest puppies for sale. The company, called Euro Puppy USA, specializes in offering purebred, champion-line puppies and dogs to customers out of the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Miami, the Director of Euro Puppy USA, Mr. MarioTabraue believes that: “At Euro Puppy USA, European quality meets American Service and trust. The needs of our dog-lovers and breeders are of the utmost importance to us.” Euro Puppy USA offers Champion-line, pedigreed puppies, young adults and titled champions as well. Whether one is looking for imported European puppies to refresh an existing breeding stock, or just looking at having a new puppy, they offer trustworthy service. Working in partnership with Euro Puppy USA, the sister- company situated in the heart of Europe, Euro Puppy USA has built a trustworthy network of European dog breeders that look out for the health and pedigree of all the breeds. The company has over 150 breeds to chose from! The palette is very colorful! From tiny Yorkies and Havanese dogs to Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiliers and Neapolitan Mastiffs, it seems every dog-lover can find his or her favourite breed! No wonder their slogan is: ” We are building families”.