Horse Diseases – Insect Bites

February 18, 2008

People think that something as common as “insect bites” may not have to be taken seriously. However, as part of “horse diseases” it does make reference to these ailments. On this occassion we will talk about flies as it seems to be the most irritant of them all, and if you read just a little about them in horse diseases, you will find that they can wreak havoc in and around your stable or pasture. They not only attack the horse itself and you by extension, but are responsible for the transmittance of dangerous horse diseases such as encephalomyelitis and swamp fever. This is in addition to receiving painful bites. There are a number of ways to reduce the number of parasites that swarm around your barn and pasture. It will be advantageous to find which way will suit you and your horse best, in respect of caring for horse diseases such as insect bites.


“Warts” – horse disease

February 15, 2008

Warts are also part of horse diseases.  The reason some people are not privy to this is because it mainly appears in young horses.  It falls part of “horse diseases” as it is a proper viral, contagious disease.  If the infected horse is kept in the vacinity of other horses, every step should be taken to prevent the disease from spreading.  Horse diseases such as single warts or cluster warts usually have a cauliflower appearance and show as blemishes on the face, mouth and nose.  In the long term they are not harmful overhaul.  “Wart” horse diseases will disappear on their own in most cases, but a considerable amount of time needs to be given for this to happen.  On a personal note, you will be amazed at what you will learn studying horse diseases!

Scratches – Horse Diseases

February 14, 2008

Did you know that “scratches” can be considered part of horse diseases? I have been asking he question lately and most people have viewed a scratch as been a topical skin scrape. However in the equitation industry, under the roof heading of horses diseases, you will find scratches to be described as greasy heel, cracked heel and foot rot caused by bacteria. Generally scratches affect the hoof and the hock joint on the horse. Symptoms include scabby, cracked areas that can be swollen and hot to the touch. If you study some of these ailments under horse diseases, these symptoms are quite serious as they can cause lameness, which is always a bad thing. Causes associated with scratches include bacteria, parasites, allergies, improper nutrition, irritants and even bedding etc…In horse diseases you will find that horses with white feet are more susceptible to scratches. Interesting..

Dog Skin Problems

February 11, 2008

In the treatment of dog skin problems, benzalkonium chloride is present in antimicrobial solutions causing healing to be accelerated as a result of keeping the wound infection and bacteria free.  Skin antiseptics and wet wipes are some of the human pharmaceuticals in which this ingredient is used, however it has proven to be very effective within the animal industry, especially for dog skin problems.  Standard concentrates are manufactured between 50 – 80% and sold under trade names such as BC50 & BC80.  Treating dog skin problems with our antimicrobials will leave you with a 99.9% efficiency rate due to the presence of benzalkonium chloride.  The sum of ingredients used should always be read before using any treatment in respect of dog skin problems.

Canine Skin Disorders

February 8, 2008
When we think of “Canine Skin Disorders“, what do we think about? Possibly things like infection, excema, hair loss and the like. But what about other disorders in relation to canine skin disorders, such as inherited ones. There are more than over 10 of them, so I will only name a few….blood, cardiovascular, endocrine, eye, gastrointestinal, immune, muscularskeletal, nervous, respiratory and reproductive. Canine skin disorders also fits into the category as it can be inherited. Another interesting fact about all this, is that it can be narrowed down to a particular breed of canine. There is alot to learn about canine skin disorders and interesting too!

Dog Skin Conditions

February 7, 2008

Atopic Dermatitis, Atopica, Dermatomyositis, Dermatology, Hot spots, Otitis externa, Mange and Bacterial diseases are few of the many dog skin conditions which a dog’s immune system can be vulnerable to. The key here is not to feel confused or overwhelmed by the high-philuted terms used to describe simple issues for dog skin conditions like dog dry skin, staph infection, skin irritation, ring worm etc…You do not have to be a veterinarian to help treat your pet for dog skin conditions. I am not saying play vet if your dog is seriously ill. However, it is like when a human being suffers from a cold. They do not see a doctor, but rather goes to the pharmacy and obtains in house treatment which they use to help themselves. It does not require a visit to their GP. This can also be done for dog skin conditions.

Dog Dry Skin

February 6, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue

Is it dog dry skin, or is it you

Causing Maxie, the dog to feel blue

Dog dry skin, he’s scratching away

Dog dry skin, he’s not feeling okay

Dog dry skin, is causing him to sway

I know, I know, I know what to do

Antimicrobial body wash will do…

White Line Disease and Shoeing

February 4, 2008


Disorders of the frog such as white line disease are causes of lameness in the horse that farriers and equine veterinarians frequently encounter in their course of work. A common feature of white line disease in the sole is that their treatment required the farrier to fit some form of protection, normally detatchable in addition to the normal horseshoe. Some of the tools a farrier would use in their tool kit for shoeing a hoof with white line disease are clinch cutter, hoof knife, pull offs and much more.  As the saying goes “no hoof, no horse”…therefore it is very important to use a reputable farrier when shoeing your horse, particularly for a hoof suffering from white line disease. Your horse cannot move without any of its lets or feet and would under normal circumstances have to be put down. However white line disease can be treated with antimicrobial solutions in addition to having a farrier fit a custom made shoe for the disease.

Horse Diseases

February 2, 2008

There are so many horses diseases to talk about. When considering how complex the anatomy of a horse is, horse diseases would have to be broken down into many sub-catergories and sometimes veterinarians struggle themselves to diagnose specific horse diseases such as thrush, white line disease and hoof rot to name a few. But what about something like proud flesh wounds? This could fall under horse diseases, however it is not actually a disease, but an effect of external injury caused by an outside action resulting in a wound which would need treatment to heal from the inside out. Then again it “could” fall under horse diseases, as it would be vulnerable to infection after the event – subsequently a disease icon_smile.gif

Something to think about..

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January 30, 2008
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